Computing GCSE’s Slump prompts skills shortage fears

A decline in the number of students taking GCSE’s in computer subjects is fuelling fears of a looming skills shortage.

The number of year 11 students who are taking one of the two computing GCSE’s, be it ICT or Computer Science, has slumped down according to figures that were released by Ofqual.

Despite a 3% increase in overall GCSE entries. There has been fewer students who have selected any computing subjects.

The decline was especially notable in the ICT examination, which will be available for the last time in 2018. While there was a very limited rise in its successor GCSE in computer science.

The availability of sufficiently trained educators for computer science has also prompted concerns as the number of students choosing the subject has “stagnated”, all according the the British Computing Society (BCS).

BCS stated that it is “deeply concerned” about the stagnation and what it means for the British economy in the future.

MP’s have warned over fear of looming ” digital skills crisis” if the Government does not concentrate on providing a suitable and well educated computing education to younger students.

In an inquiry last year, the committee of House of Commons for the science and technology has stressed the importance of increasing digital skills among the young.

For more information on this, feel free to read BBC’s article at the link below:


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