The Best New Gadgets of 2017

We noticed that the weather had taken a slight downfall the past few days, but we think you’ll find these gadgets quite interesting and might tickle your taste buds.


First on our list would be a niche, but very cool item, the HP Sprout G2 3D-scanning PC. This device is great for those who work with 3D modelling and it also has a touch mat that acts as a second screen (as seen in the picture to the left).


Next on our list would be the LG Signature OLED 4K TV, that is as thin as paper… Yes, that’s right, paper. This magnetised TV attaches itself to

a magnetic back plate on a wall and connects into the centerpiece. This TV will set you back quite a bit though, with a high price tag of £8,000. But who doesn’t want a magnetic TV, am I right?

Here’s one for you gamer geeks, anyone heard of the brand Razer? Thought so, well, they’ve just revealed a concept laptop called the Project Valerie, you’re probably thinking it’s just a laptop and that you see them all the time, well, true, but do you see them with 3 screens? Razer seem to have done it again with this one, they have a fully functional and game ready Project Valerie, now we just need to wait for it’s enormous price tag…


And finally, I thought I’d throw in a rather weird but cool product, the Tanvas Touch screen, this is a screen that using haptic technology and feedback can give you a sense of the material that you are looking at and what it feels like, quite neat huh?


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