WannaCry Ransomware has helped speeding drivers dodge fines in Australia

Hackers behind the infamous WannaCry ransomware virus have inadvertently helped speeding Australian drivers avoid their costly fines.

Fifty five traffic cameras, most in inner-city Melbourne have been infected by the ransomware, due to a maintenance worker who unknowingly uploaded the Malware to the camera network using a USB stick on 6 June.

Victorian police have cancelled 590 speeding tickets and red light fines despite the belief that they were correctly issued, but with the corruption of data there is no longer evidence to back it up.

The fines where cancelled because it is important for the public to have 100% confidence in the system, according to the acting deputy commissioner Ross Guenther.

Police detected the virus last week after noticing that cameras were rebooting more often than usual.

with the Virus infecting organisations in 150 countries in May they will be taking the right precautions to stop it from spreading again.

Among those affected were the UK’s NHS, US logistics giant FedEx and Russia’s interior ministry.

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