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The Best New Gadgets of 2017

We noticed that the weather had taken a slight downfall the past few days, but we think you’ll find these gadgets quite interesting and might tickle your taste buds.   First on our list wouldContinue reading

What is a Hosted Desktop?

For a while now companies have been looking to adopt what’s called a ‘Hosted Desktop’ into the workplace. The technology is now at the stage where any ‘bugs’ have been worked out and so weContinue reading

E3: Xbox One X

For a while now, Microsoft have been teasing their latest and greatest console going by the name of Project Scorpio, but last night at E3 it was revealed as the most powerful console to existContinue reading

Apples newest product the HomePod

Apple have just released a smart speaker called “HomePod,” this will rival Amazon’s Echo speaker and virtual assistant device. The company has pitched HomePod as a foremost music player. Tom Warren from the technology newsContinue reading